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Posted by Delton Kellogg Little League at Apr 5, 2024 11:49AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

We’re excited! Are you? Practices officially begin next week!

Attached to this email is the parent packet with important information in it that your coach will be giving you at practices. 

It is also the same information that has been posting on our Facebook Page. If you don’t follow our page now, please do! We also have our website at which we are trying to keep updated as well with some information, but usually email and Facebook are much faster.

Coaches have finished up the final touches to their practice schedules. We appreciate your patience – it’s a brain twister to schedule our 22 teams’ practices on limited field space that is shared with 3 other teams with DK and with 2 other leagues, with limited daylight … which is a great problem we are thankful to have! Now, hopefully the weather cooperates! We DO NOT have indoor practice space options once our practice and game season starts.

Game schedules ARE NOT done yet. All 12 leagues’ volunteers are still working out the details of each division’s schedules. Please do not ask for them. Your coaches will be the first to receive them once they are approved for release and we will put them on our website.

If there are any cancelations (it is Michigan weather!), our first go to is Rained Out to communicate that out fastest. We also communicate to coaches to also reach out and will put it on Facebook. But those take a little longer as they are a chain reaction to making it happen.

Rained Out will send you a text message and/or email alert if we have any cancellations one we hit that button. This is something you must sign up for to get the notifications though since they need your permission. Visit to sign up. Click on the yellow “Receive Messages” button, search for Delton Kellogg Little League, click Continue and fill in the blanks with your info. It’s FREE for you!  Now, let’s just hope that the weather will be perfect each and every day for games and practices and we’ll never have to use this, right?!?

So parents, get a jumpstart on your checklist found on page 1 of the Parent Packet! Get your player’s medical release forms filled out and ready to turn in to your coach at your first practice if you picked one up at Skills Assessment. Coaches will have more if you need them. The medical release form is also attached.

And get your Background Checks completed and your New Abuse Training completed. You can turn in the form (attached to this email) or email us your first & last name, phone number & email and we can send you a link to complete it online. The directions to complete the New Abuse Training is on page 2 of the Parent Packet.

Did you know, we are not limited to just DK’s fields. We are also utilizing Aukerman’s field on Parker Rd, Prairieville’s Field on Norris Rd and Orangeville’s Fields on Lindsey Rd. We are truly blessed to have a community that is allowing us to use these resources!

Keep in mind that for insurance purposes, DKLL practices can only be held at these locations.
And as always, leave them better than you found them! Each of us represents not only ourselves, but everyone and everything we are there with and for. So pick up your trash, rake up the fields and be safe, kind, respectful & responsible

Not sure which DK field is which? There’s a map for that! It’s in the Parent Packet and on Facebook.

If you ever have a problem at any of these fields, please contact us and we will work as quickly as we can to get it resolved.

Specific Highlights for the fields we are being allowed to use:

1) At Aukerman’s field on Parker Rd, stay away from the Prairieview Farm part of it. Park along the drive next to the field. Please be respectful of the residents living there and stay out of their space. Do not wonder to or through any part of the farm.

2) At Prairieville’s field on Norris Rd, be respectful of property lines and the residents that live there. There’s an example in the Parent Packet.

3) At Field 2 at DK by the Middle School, please do not park in front of the dumpsters located in the bus loop. DK’s CSM evening custodial crew need access to them and on our game nights, they tend to be blocked by cars. Just remember to give them and their rollie cart space to maneuver. There’s an example in the Parent Packet.

4) At any of DK’s fields, please only use them as scheduled and as intended for specific division regulations out of respect for DK and for the safety of our athletes.

Don’t forget to get your spirit wear order in! We love to see lots of maroon supporting our teams at our games! Visit to place your order.
Orders are due this Sunday, April 7th and will be ready for pickup at Mid-Lakes the week of April 22nd. Just in time for Opening Day!! There are more items available in the online store than what are pictured below. Be sure to check it out!! DKLL gets a couple of dollars per item that you order. So it’s like a mini fundraiser!

Make sure you have Field Clean Up Day on your calendar! We’ll see you April 13th at 9a at Field 3 to start getting the fields game ready!

And as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! Hit the reply buttom and it should email for you!

Let’s play ball!

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2024 Registration Open

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The 2024 Delton Kellogg Registration is open from December 1, 2023 to March 2nd 2024.

Don’t hesitate!

Sign up today here: